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Purples DAO

Purples DAO

Learn how to Win and Earn

The Clan is thrilled to announce that The Purples sub-DAO is now live🤘

Training Camp

How it Works


For those supplying their ECPx NFTs to The Purples’ pool camp – when your NFT is hired/banned, you’ll receive 50% of the hire fee, and the remaining half will be split based on the above ratio.


Priority will be given to the warriors owned by the DAO before other owners. 


Fees & Conditions


1 vote from Purples compound will cost 0.1 EGLD per round, or 15% extra if paid in $ECPx.

Any Clan-specific ECPx could also be restricted for the entire war duration for 0.3 EGLD (or again, 15% extra🤌 if paid in $ECPx).

If our troops are hired for battle and not restrained, the voting fee must be paid to The Purples wallet by the employer.

Any ECPx sent to our training camp can be reclaimed at any time with a simple 24-hour notice, except during the period starting 3 days before the war begins until the end of the war when withdrawals won’t be possible due to active Battle⚔️


Rewards for The Punks involved in our training camp & mercenary venture
Clan Wallet
Investment Fund 25%
King Wallet
Organizations 20%
Purple holders Rewards
for Distribution 35%
< 20%
Don’t have Purple ECPx?


No worries, you can still get a share of the 20% cut by supplying your Punk to our staking pool ⚡

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