DAO Battles in ECPx HUB are the first of their kind in the Multivers X ecosystem. They are designed for ECPx NFT collection owners and are the primary driver of the burning mechanism for the $ECPx token.


The battles are also linked to a special staking pool, through which rewards will be distributed to winning clans.

Why participate in battles?


Because the winners of battles will have the opportunity to stake their NFTs for a very short period with a huge rewards.


How can I become part of a clan?


To become part of a clan, you need to own NFTs from the respective clan. The NFTs are designed in such a way that the smart contract recognizes what abilities your NFT has.


How can I participate in battles?


After you are part of a clan, your leader (King) needs to propose your clan to participate in battles. The entire community votes for all proposed clans in a special Discord channel (#next-battle).

The two clans with the most votes will face each other.

To support your clan, you need to own ECPx NFTs + $ECPx tokens. If your NFTs are staked, you need to unstake them. Then you can stake it again.


When do battles start and what is the prize pool for the winner?


Check the “DAO Battles” in ECPx HUB and you will receive this information before each battle.


When do battles end and how is the winner determined?


When the battles start, you will see a countdown timer under the names of the clans that will inform you of the time remaining until the end of the battle.

Once the time is up and the battle is over, the clan that has collected the most BP (battle points) will be declared the winner and a special pool will be unlocked to distribute the rewards to all owners of NFTs from the respective clan.