E C P x

Elrond Cyberpunks

Only 344 NFTs

ECP Collection


We are here to expand the DeFi world on Multivers X blockchain.


We want to bring to you an opportunity of long-term investment with passive income, the regular staking option, of course, and some mind-blowing additions, which are yet to be revealed.


Our aim is to create a strong partnership with our holders and walk the road together in order make ECP the game changer of the NFT industry.




Everyone, who holds 3+ Genesis NFTs will receive %EGLD from the mint of the Main Collection (ECPx)




Real Punks: 35% = 1401 NFT x 1.18 $eGLD
ECPx Team: 30% = 1201 NFT x 1.18 $eGLD
Staking Pools: 30% = 1201 NFT x 1.18 $eGLD
Marketing: 5% = 200 NFT x 1.18 $eGLD

Elrond Cyberpunks

The first Collection, Genesis or also known as ECP, consists of 344 Cyberpunks. They are the base of the Main Collection.

The Genesis Collection offers the opportunity to become shareholder of the Main Collection (ECPx) and receive royalties from sales.

Due to this, it is to be expected that the price of each NFT from the Genesis Collection will rise continuously.

You can also stake your NFTs and receive juicy rewards. And there are a few more revolutionary utilities to come, check Roadmap and Whitepaper.

You can find the latest news and plans about the project by joining us on Discord.

You need to hold at least 3+ NFTs from the Genesis (ECP) collection in order to receive the “Real Punk” role.


As a “Real Punk”, you will benefit from the sale of the Main Collection:
35 % of the incoming royalties from the Main Collection sale will be divided amongst the “Real Punks”, according to the number of NFTs, which they hold.


Other than that, you will become part of everything, which is yet come.

You can find Elrond Cyberpunks on the following marketplaces:


XOXNO & Frame It

The number of “Real Punks” is not constant, varying on the number of NFTs in a wallet. Currently, we have ~30 “Real Punks” in the project.