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Elrond Cyberpunks X

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20 Clans - 20 Kings of Clans - 20 emblems - Let's Punk!

Your Gateway to Exclusive Ownership and Rewards!

Are you ready to embark on a unique NFT journey? “Elrond Cyberpunks X” (ECPx) invites you to become a part of an extraordinary digital art collection with a limited supply of 4004 NFTs and great utility. The collection’s release occurs across four batches of 1000 NFTs each, with 2000 NFTs (50%) already finding their rightful owners.

Key Features

ECPx Ownership Advantage

Acquire 40 or more ECPx NFTs to become an esteemed “Shareholder.” As a Shareholder, you will participate in the distribution of 15% of the total supply of the $ECPx token, based on the number of NFTs you hold. View Token on Explorer


Additionally, all Shareholders and Kings of clans will receive an free airdrop from our ETH collection, Real Punkz, which is scheduled to be launched by the end of January. Learn more about Real Punkz

Staking Options

Amplify your earnings and contribute to the growth of the ECPx ecosystem. Currently, you can stake your ECPx NFTs in ECPxHUB and receive $eGLD and $ECPx. You can access the hub in the xPortal under the “Finance” section or directly Here

DAO Battles

20 Clans – 20 Kings of Clans – 20 emblems – Let’s Punk. Join the fights for sweet rewards and be part of our friendly, open-minded community. Every month, the rewards vary, but they mainly consist of $eGLD or $ECPx. In 2024, anticipate a new release of the battles with many more features and conveniences. Join our Discord for more.

Community Governance

Shape the future of ECPx through active participation in our community governance. With us, you’ll find yourself in a more than friendly environment. Each clan develops a separate brand/project – Sub DAO to further reward participants in the respective clan. Contribute your ideas and influence decisions that will impact the development of ECPx.

What Next?

Explore our detailed roadmap to stay informed about upcoming features and milestones. Here is the Roadmap for 2023. Additionally, here soon, you will find our updated roadmap for 2024, which will include our highly anticipated project, Crypto Scalperthe latest generation auto-trading bot with an incredibly high win rate. Witness the evolution of ECPx and be a part of its exciting journey.

How to Get Involved

Acquire ECPx NFTs: Build your collection and unlock the benefits of Shareholder status. Buy Seconadry Market | Mint ECPx NFT


Stake Your NFTs: Join our staking pools to maximize your rewards and support the ECPx ecosystem.


Participate in DAO Battles: Engage in monthly battles for a chance to win exclusive prizes.


Contribute to Governance: Have a say in the future of ECPx by participating in our community governance.