Elrond Cyberpunks

Step into the world of the Elrond Cyberpunks NFT Collection on the MultiversX blockchain and discover the 20 unique clans that make up this extraordinary collection. Each clan comes with its own set of abilities, history, and 200 Elrond Cyberpunks, including one exclusive Clan King.

As a Clan King owner, you can also unlock the coveted Clan Emblem, a rare and valuable asset that can only be obtained by the leader of each clan. Join a clan today, become a leader, and unlock the power and prestige that comes with it in the Elrond Cyberpunks NFT Collection.

So choose your clan wisely and get ready to join the battle!


The Chieftains

In the dimly lit alleyways of the virtual world, there lurks a clan of native warriors known only as the "The Chieftains". These shadowy figures move with swift precision, their every move calculated and precise.


No matter the truth, one thing is certain: the Chieftains are a force to be reckoned with. Their skills in combat and strategy are legendary, and many have fallen beneath their swift blades.

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Nighthawks Clan Emblem
Thunder Clan Emblem

Thunder Clan

In the rolling hills and thunderous skies of the virtual realm, there roams a clan of fierce warriors known as the "Thunder Clan". These noble fighters are born of the storm, their spirits as electric and powerful as the lightning bolts that streak across the sky.


Those who would face the Thunder Clan in combat should be prepared for a storm of epic proportions. But those who are willing to stand with them will find a loyal and stalwart ally, one that will stand by their side through any storm.

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Valhalla Warriors

Amid the endless battlefields of the virtual world, there exists a clan of fierce warriors known as the "Valhalla Warriors". These battle-hardened fighters are steeped in the ancient traditions of their Viking ancestors, with a fierce devotion to honor and glory.


So heed the call of the Valhalla Warriors, and join their quest for glory and immortality. For as they say, "The bravest are the most rewarded in the halls of the gods."

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Valhalla Warriors emblem
lunatic Clowns Emblem

Lunatic Clowns

Beneath the virtual big top, there lurks a clan of manic jesters known as the "Lunatic Clowns". These twisted performers bring chaos and mayhem wherever they go, delighting in the madness they create.


To cross the Lunatic Clowns is to invite a world of hurt, for their unpredictable nature makes them nearly impossible to predict or control. But to join them is to embrace a life of wild abandon and unbridled joy, filled with laughter and madness.

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Nomads Rising

Through the desolate wastes of the virtual world, there roams a clan of wandering warriors known as the "Nomads Rising". These hardened travelers have no home, no fixed abode, and no allegiance to any one place or faction.


So if you have the courage to embrace the nomadic life, and the skills to survive in the harsh wastelands, then join the Nomads Rising and journey with them to the ends of the virtual world. For as they say, "The road is our home, and the horizon is our destiny."

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Nomads Rising Emblem
Gilded Syndicate Emblem

Gilded Syndicate

Amid the gleaming spires and neon-lit streets of the virtual metropolis, there exists a clan of cunning thieves and ruthless enforcers known as the "Gilded Syndicate". These shadowy figures operate in the shadows, manipulating the machinations of the city's elite for their own gain.


So if you have the cunning to operate in the shadows, and the ambition to rise to the top of the virtual world, then seek out the Gilded Syndicate and prove your worth to their ranks. For as they say, "In this world, the only thing that matters is power."

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Epic Demons

Amid the fiery pits and swirling maelstroms of the virtual underworld, there roams a clan of demon warriors known as the "Epic Demons". These infernal fighters are born of the darkest corners of the digital realm, and are steeped in the traditions of the abyss.


To cross the Epic Demons is to invite the wrath of the underworld, for their powers are truly epic in scale. But to join their ranks is to gain access to the secrets of the abyss, and to wield the might of the demonic hordes for your own purposes.

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Epic Demons Emblem
Savannah Wizards Emblem

Savannah Wizards

Across the wide expanse of the virtual savannah, there roams a clan of mystic shamans known as the "Savannah Wizards". These wise mystics are steeped in the traditions of the ancient world, and wield powerful magic that can bend the very fabric of reality to their will.


So if you have the wisdom to understand the natural world, and the power to wield the forces of magic, then seek out the Savannah Wizards and learn from their ancient ways. For as they say, "The universe is our teacher, and magic is our gift."

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Bounty Hunters

In the shadows of the virtual realm, there exists a clan of hardened mercenaries and skilled hunters known as the "Bounty Hunters". These cold-blooded killers are masters of their trade, with skills honed through years of tracking down the most dangerous criminals and the deadliest prey.


But the Bounty Hunters are more than just cold killers. They are a brotherhood, bound together by a shared code of honor and the promise of reward. They seek out the most dangerous bounties and the most elusive targets, and will stop at nothing to bring them to justice.

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Bounty hunters Emblem

Shadow Fighters

From the dark corners of the virtual realm, there emerges a clan of shadowy warriors known as the "Shadow Fighters". These stealthy assassins are masters of deception and subterfuge, and strike from the shadows with deadly precision.


So if you have the cunning to slip past your foes unnoticed, and the courage to strike from the shadows, then seek out the Shadow Fighters and prove your worth to their ranks. For as they say, "In the shadows, we are legion, and our power is limitless."

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Silent Assassins

In the depths of the virtual realm, there lurks a clan of deadly assassins known as the "Silent Assassins". These cold-blooded killers are masters of their craft, and strike with deadly precision and unyielding determination.


To cross the Silent Assassins is to invite their wrath, for they are as ruthless as they are deadly. But to join their ranks is to gain access to the most dangerous missions and the most lucrative contracts, and to carve out a reputation as the most feared assassin in the virtual realm.

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Silent Assassins Emblem
Legion of Doom emblem

Legion of Doom

From the depths of the virtual realm, there emerges a clan of fearsome warriors known as the "Legion of Doom". These ruthless fighters are masters of chaos and destruction, and will stop at nothing to crush their enemies and claim dominance over the virtual realm.


If you have the courage to unleash destruction upon your foes, and the strength to survive in the chaos that follows, then seek out the Legion of Doom and prove your worth to their ranks. For as they say, "In the virtual realm, there is no power greater than that of the Legion of Doom."

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Tech Destroyers

Beware the "Tech Destroyers", a clan of remote operatives who strike with deadly precision and leave nothing but destruction in their wake. These fearsome warriors are masters of technology, and use their skills to remotely destroy any equipment in their path.


If you have the cunning to penetrate even the most secure networks, and the courage to unleash destruction upon your foes, then seek out the Tech Destroyers and prove your worth to their ranks. For as they say, "In the virtual realm, technology is our weapon, and destruction is our art."

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Tech Destroyers emblem
Supreme Squad emblem

Supreme Squad

The "Supreme Squad" is an elite clan of warriors who bring justice to the virtual realm with unwavering determination and unbreakable resolve. These fearsome fighters are the guardians of the virtual world, and they strike with the force of righteousness to protect the innocent and punish the guilty.


So if you have the heart to fight for justice, and the courage to stand up to even the most formidable foes, then seek out the Supreme Squad and prove your worth to their ranks. For as they say, "In the virtual realm, justice is our calling, and the Supreme Squad is our banner."

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Air Force Punks

The "Air Force Punks" are a legendary clan of virtual warriors who dominate the skies with their expert piloting skills and fearless attitude. These elite pilots are the undisputed aces of the virtual realm, and they can fly any kind of aircraft with unmatched precision and finesse.


If you have the nerve to soar into the heavens and the skill to outmaneuver even the most determined foes, then seek out the Air Force Punks and prove your worth to their ranks. For as they say, "In the virtual realm, the skies are our domain, and the Air Force Punks are the kings of the air."

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Air Force Punks emblem

The Purples

The Purple Clan is a unique and enigmatic group, said to be a separate race that nature played a curious joke on. With their distinctive purple skin and striking features, they are instantly recognizable, yet still shrouded in mystery.


Despite their unusual appearance, the Purple Clan has carved out a place for themselves in the world. They are a proud people, with a deep respect for nature and a strong connection to the earth. Many of their customs and traditions are tied to the natural world, and they are known for their ability to communicate with animals and plants.

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The Vandals

Amidst the chaos and uncertainty of the modern world, there are few groups more feared and respected than the Vandals. This notorious clan is known for their ruthless tactics, their unyielding determination, and their absolute dedication to their cause.


Despite their fearsome reputation, the Vandals are not a mindless horde. They are a highly organized and disciplined group, with a clear chain of command and a set of strict codes and rituals. Each member is trained in the art of warfare from a young age, and they are all fiercely loyal to their cause.

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The VANDALS Clan emblem
Demonic Resurrectors Clan emblem

Demonic Resurrectors

The Demonic Resurrectors are a mysterious and feared clan, rumored to have the power to raise the dead. Through their mastery of voodoo magic, they are said to possess the ability to bring back to life anyone who has fallen in battle, regardless of their clan or allegiance.


Little is known about their origins or their ultimate goals, for they keep to themselves and rarely interact with other clans except to claim their fallen. Some whisper that they serve a darker master, and that their magic is fueled by the very forces of evil itself.

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The Reptiles

The Reptiles are a clan of shapeshifters, feared by many for their ability to change their form at will. With their uncanny ability to blend in with their surroundings, they can easily slip past even the most watchful sentries and infiltrate enemy camps undetected.


But it is not just their shape-shifting abilities that make the Reptiles so dangerous. They are also rumored to have the power to steal the souls of their enemies, leaving them as empty shells of their former selves. With a single touch, a Reptile can drain the life force from their victim, leaving them weak and helpless.

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The Reptiles Clan emblem
Zombie Unit Emblem

Zombie Unit

The Zombie Unit is a clan unlike any other. These once-living warriors were chipped and died immediately, only to be resurrected by the Demonic Resurrectors. They are now immortal, with no natural cause of death, but at the cost of their souls and memories.


Despite their seemingly mindless nature, the Zombie Unit is an invaluable asset to any clan that can control them. They are incredibly durable and can take a beating that would kill any ordinary warrior. And their lack of memories means they can be reprogrammed and repurposed for any task.

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