ECPx is a cutting-edge project at the forefront of the decentralized finance (DeFi) revolution, built on the MultiversX blockchain (L1). Our mission is to empower users with innovative solutions that unlock the full potential of DeFi, making it accessible to everyone.


As a comprehensive platform, we offer a range of services including DeFi strategy and staking solutions. Our DeFi strategies are designed to provide users with optimal investment opportunities in the ever-evolving DeFi landscape. Our staking options offer users the chance to earn passive income by participating in the staking of our native token.


In addition to our DeFi and staking services, we are proud to present two exceptional NFT collections – Genesis and ECPx. Our Genesis collection comprises 344 unique and rare digital assets, meticulously curated for collectors and enthusiasts. Our ECPx collection features 4004 exclusive NFTs that represent our brand and community, offering valuable digital assets to our users.


We also introduced the $ECPx token, which serves as the utility token for the ECPx HUB. We’ve also launched the beta version of Wiz Row – a platform enabling seamless smart contract deployment with just a few clicks. 20% of each deployment fee will go into the $ECPx liquidity pool. This innovative feature empowers users to leverage the power of blockchain technology and embark on their web3 journey with ease.


Our project provides a secure and scalable infrastructure for our users to interact with our services. We are committed to transparency, security, and community engagement, and strive to offer cutting-edge solutions that redefine the DeFi landscape.


Join us at ECPx as we continue to push the boundaries of DeFi innovation, offering comprehensive services, unique NFT collections, and a robust ecosystem powered by the $ECPx token and the ECPx HUB. Together, we can shape the future of DeFi and empower users to achieve their financial aspirations.

Road Map

Timeline of what is coming in the near future.

Wiz Row

Dive into the new era of AI Trading and automated investments


Distribution and implementation of $ECPx token.